About Me

Global Christianity is changing fast under influence of non-Western Christianity - also within Western countries due to global migration. As the church planter of ICF Amersfoort (2007-2013), these fascinating developments became a daily reality for me, as the people in our congregations represented the wide diversity of this Global Christianity.
I really enjoy learning from my sisters and brothers from around the globe, and together we gain deeper understanding.

In the majority world, most Christians are charismatic in their beliefs and faith experiences. Many of them are Pentecostals, but in many countries they are even outnumbered by charismatic Christians within the traditional churches (Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, Presbyterian). As minority Christians in the West, we should not ignore this, but learn from our brothers and sisters.

As a systematic theologian I am interested in these charismatic experiences and practices, and in the related renewal of both church praxis and theology. My PhD-research at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) focuses on the charismatic renewal of New Wine.

I am married to Nienke, we have two daughters, and we live in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
In 2006 we were asked to plant an international church on behalf of the Reformed Churches (GKv and CGK) in our city. ICF Amersfoort now consists of two congregations, Grace Church (English-speaking) and Oase (Arabic-speaking). In December 2013 we ended our term as church planters, and handed over to Samer Younan (Oase) and Nestor Tsala (Grace Church).

In 2015-2016 I was part of the interim-leadership team of New Wine in Europe (a branch of New Wine consisting of English-speaking international churches on the continent), in its transition to become LifeStream Europe - independent from New Wine International, more contextualized for international churches in Europe. My role as a theologian and former international church planter was mainly to recalibrate the vision, mission & strategy, and redefine its theological values (inaugurated Kingdom theology).

In June 2016, I joined New Wine Netherlands as their staff worker for Theology & Training. Part of my assignment is to develop theological grounding, and course materials, and to coach and mentor local pastors and their teams in a process of Kingdom-renewal.

Earlier on I worked as a journalist - initially as a freelance journalist (focusing on both foreign news, mainly Africa, and literature & arts) (1990-1999), then as senior editor and chief editor of a Christian monthly magazine, koers (1999-2011).


  1. I've just landed at your site doing research on Moltmann. Allow me to share two brief excerpts from my own writings:

    Over the years I've come to believe we are now living in the "overture" of God's next great act, Act Three of salvation history. The Spirit once again "hovers" above the inchoate world, and the great outpouring of Joel 2:28 that began at Pentecost dramatically accelerates.

    And Act Three culminates in nothing less than the New Creation, where the triune God dwells in all his glory, and the cosmos itself becomes the Holy of Holies!

    But while it's true that only God foresees the specific hour and day of end times events, it's equally true that His timing is responsive, in the same way that the Spirit's coming at Pentecost was responsive to the upper room's "one accord" (Greek: homothumadon, a word better translated as "one passionate accord"). --- John Lawrence Gillis, Washington DC